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This month we are going to focus on a fitness article written by Elena Gorgan. In this article, Gorgan brings to perspective a surprising concept that perhaps many of us have never thought of doing while exercising. The concept is simply, closing your eyes when weight training. As always, please consult with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise routine.


Close Your Eyes When Weight Training 

By: Elena Gorgan 

We all know by now that, in order to continue getting good results with our workout, we must constantly mix it up, avoiding routine and boredom.

Another reason why we’re supposed to think of new ways of diversifying the type of exercise we get daily is because, once our muscles get used to the effort, we no longer see any visible results of it, as FitSugar also points out.

With this in mind, we might as well give working out with our eyes closed a try for a change. Not only will this improve balance and literally force us to focus on how the muscles in our body work with each individual exercise, but it will also help us focus on breathing.

Of course, closing our eyes when biking, running or hiking is not a good idea, because it can end in serious harm, but it could be the perfect means to mix up a routine if we’re weight training, the aforementioned publication says.

“Sight is a powerful sense that’s necessary when it comes to working out, but sometimes it takes over and can actually make your workouts easier. Take away your ability to see, and you have to rely on your other senses to move your body. I wouldn’t recommend running or biking with your eyes shut since you can end up seriously hurting yourself, but it’s great to try when strength training. Balancing becomes more challenging, and you can really concentrate on your muscles and how to move efficiently. Closing your eyes can also allow you to focus more on your breath, which is often overlooked when doing strength exercises.” FitSugar explains.