About Pastor McDaniels 

In 2012 Pastor Keven Mc Daniels and his family were called to Friendship and steadily began to immerse themselves in the church by attending Bible Enrichment, the Men of Valor and Marriage Ministry functions. Eventually after consulting with Pastor Smith, Keven stepped into a ministerial role and began to teach Baptism and New Members classes, as well as work with the youth and young adults. Pastor Mc Daniels and his wife Adrienne also became Small Group leaders and their group quickly evolved into a young adult ministry called FYA “Friendship Young Adult”. As the need to appoint a Youth Pastor at Friendship became apparent, Pastor Mc Daniels (with the support of Adrienne) stepped in as the TNT “Triumph N Truth” Youth Ministry leader. He also was the integral force behind reinstating the youth choir which is called RAW “Radical Anointed Worshipers”.

Prior to joining to Friendship, Pastor Mc Daniels and his family served across many ministries.  His service to the Lord began when he was called thirteen years ago to mentor teen boys at Victory Bible Church as a lay minister. Additionally, he became Chaplin /Counselor at Word of Outreach Christian Academy which led him to develop his first prison ministry at the Pulaski County Jail in Little Rock Arkansas preaching at prisons around the country.

Pastor Mc Daniels attended LA Bible Training School, opened a Christian bookstore and later developed the first privately owned Famer’s Market in Pasadena. His active involvement in the church as well as the community is specifically intended to win souls for Christ! That is why he has aligned himself with Friendship to assist in creating an atmosphere that will put Pastor Smith’s vision of Equipping the Saints, Empowering Believers, Engaging our community, Enlarging our territory and Ensuring excellence into daily practice!