Minister Cathern-Evangelism

Evangelist Matthew Cathern II a dedicated man of God, loving husband, devoted family man and caring friend received Christ into his life in 1995. He then served our country as a Medical Specialist in the U. S Army for four years. After returning home to his former local church; Hillside Tabernacle C.O.G. I. C he became interested in taking an active part in helping his community. He found a passion participating in the True love Waits Ministry, encouraging young adults to commit to abstinence until marriage. In 2001 he heard the call of God, calling him to “Teach His words, preach His message, set all captives free and to heal the sick.

He began serving others through the Street Outreach Ministry, serving those who at that time were in the homeless community. He gave food and shared God’s promises to all those who would listen. He also served in the Prison Ministry, praying and offering salvation to those willing to accept Jesus Christ.
Evangelist Matthew was baptized and licensed as a minister of the gospel in 2002 by his former Pastor Dr. Francis E. Harris of Hillside Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, where he served faithfully for 8 years ministering God’s word and continued outreach ministry.

He has received his AA degree in Social Sciences from Glendale Community College and is currently working to towards his BA degree in Psychology and Theology credentials from Liberty University. In 2010, Evangelist Matthew was led by God to serve at Friendship Baptist Church under the leader ship of Pastor Lucious Smith. While at Friendship Baptist Church, Evangelist Cathern continued to teach and preach God’s word by leading Small Group Bible studies, teaching baptism classes, and assisting in pulpit ministry.

Evangelist Matthew’s Testimony
In June 2014, Evangelist Matthew was in a life threatening motorcycle accident where a lady ran a red light, and driving at about 40 MPH, collided and smashed into the left side of Evangelist Matthew while he was riding his motorcycle. He sustained multiple fractures to the left side of his body; a fractured femur (thigh bone), ribs, shoulder, and clavicle (neck to shoulder bone). He also sustained two punctured lungs and was put on a respirator (breathing machine) to breath 80% for him. He was hospitalized for 3 months and undergone 3 surgeries. By God’s grace and miraculous life saving power, Evangelist Matthew lives and is healed in Jesus name. He lives to praise and honor God by sharing his testimony. It was in this season of healing that God spoke to Evangelist Matthew, telling him to share his testimony of how God saved his life in the past on three occasions and this most recent fourth time. In 2015 the God spoke to Evangelist Matthew again, telling him to build a deliverance ministry, and the name would be Freedom in Christ.

Evangelist Matthew has a heart for God and a willingness to serve God’s people. A heart and desire that wants to free people that are bound by demonic strong holds in their lives; a heart that wants and desires all of God’s people to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. That people would recognize and see that they need to repent and worship God in spirit and in truth.