Fasting Testimonies and Tips from FBC Members!

Fasted on Daniel fast — no meat.
I prayed for stronger peace and discernment in my walk with Christ.  I realized that I need not be so busy but to slow down for better quality time for my talks with God.  I turned off TV earlier in evening, said my prayers and lifted up praises for being blessed with another day to serve God through my thoughts, words and deeds.  Some of my co-workers said that after talking to me they too felt calmer and encouraged.  Giving God the glory I give thanks for being blessed to be a quiet yet strong and loving prayer warrior for my family, friends, co-workers, FBC and my community.

Fasting for me is very calming.  It helps me to slow down and focus on what is most important, the goodness of God.
Gail Valentine 

I fasted and prayed to get a job.  I got a job and now I’m getting a promotion.
Brenda Epps 

I fasted prior to preaching my last sermon, as I had only received part of the message God wanted me to give His people.  After fasting, The Holy Spirit revealed the full message and I was blessed and honored to deliver His message to the Friendship congregation!
Minister Derrell Pratt 

Fasting…and Me

In the scheme of things, I’ve fasted very little in my Christian life…and with that, believe I’m typical of most believers. Fasting is little understood, little studied and little practiced. As a sacrament (an example act performed by Jesus), it’s virtually ignored… right there with footwashing. Other sacraments like baptism or communion? I’m good. But fasting? Not so much. 

Fasting (me not taking in food or altering my diet) is difficult. It’s not easy for me not to eat…to deny myself what I want, when I want. It’s frightening to some extent. It requires a lot of me and I don’t want to feel failure if I undertake it and don’t make it. So I — and I think others — avoid it. It’s not a commandment. It’s not required for salvation. So why do it? Because Jesus did, and there are plenty other examples in scripture of godly people obediently fasting.

 When I have fasted, it’s been purpose-driven, I’ve kept it to myself and I didn’t take it lightly. I cleared a lot of daily “noise” out of my life so I could actually hear the Lord and not be distracted. That’s the point of fasting — to hear from God! — and it’s a serious and sober undertaking. And being honest? Sometimes I’m afraid of what God has to say. Sometimes I resist and fight the fact that He’s the boss of me. 

Fasting also comes from a place of need…a need so deep, so on my heart, so precious that having that need met becomes consuming. I’ve fasted to ask for something, I’ve fasted to fight fear, and I’ve fasted to participate with my church body…a family fast for God to meet our needs. And being honest again? I don’t necessarily have a testimony from some of those times of fasting. Maybe I wasn’t listening well enough; maybe I didn’t go into it right or maybe I was expecting this “lightening bolt” moment with God, when in fact He spoke to me quietly…and I missed it. IDK. 

But I do know that prayer is a privileged conversation and that the Word of God is a gift. And I know that fasting can lead to a deepening of my prayer life and clarity from the Word that’s different from my regular Christian experience. So I know I’ll fast again. As a matter of fact, I’m convicted to do so as I write this. Now…will I be obedient? Only God will know.

If you’ve been struggling with fasting, start by fasting one meal.  During that time, prayReading your Bible is also a good thing to do during this time.  Quiet yourself.  Turn off the TV, computer, radio, cell phone and other electronic devices.  Get away from distractions during this time.  Listen for that still small voice. 1 Kings 19:11-13
Health & Wellness Ministry

Oh, God does answer prayers & will redeem you with the truth.  He did it for me in 2012. He revealed the truth & set me free.
Angie Ellis

 My healing is ongoing, however I eat healthy daily, exercise at less 5x a week, pray and meditate daily. The key to healing is positive thinking, comments, mind and body control. 

A savory list:
Effective time management
Pray daily
Making priorities and delegate tasks
Daily affirmations
Speak the truth
Live a healthy and balanced life
Healthy friendships
I have a history of arthritis at the age of 20yrs.,  right hip replacement and left ankle. Used a walker and a cane for balance, which Yoga has improved and I no longer need any mobility devices.

This last fast, the prayer request was Brooke and her job pink slip layoff. We fasted and prayed… she went to the hearing about the layoff; her name was taken off the list before the hearing started…

I was fasting for an increase in my finances (storehouse).  God blessed me with a raise in my current position as well as a second form of income.
Bryson Haynes

I always get really bad headaches when I fast and it sometimes detours me from wanting to continue. But I’ve learned that it’s your body’s way of saying you need more water. You can’t drink the same amount of water as you drink during non-fasting times. Because you are not getting water from food you really have to increase your water intake. Not only that, but you also have to increase the frequency at which you drink water. We all know we need to drink plenty of water during fasting, but sometimes don’t know exactly how much.  I would say double your current intake.
Health & Wellness Ministry

Fasting: secular vs. Gospel…. often used as a tool to acquire vanity. First off, God doesn’t favor vanity.  In my heart, fasting is asking God to hear you.  But like prayer it’s a process.  Answers don’t come fast, it’s a commitment, with rules to abide by. Prepare yourself first.  Change your eating habits, and your activities.  After all God is most with you when you are still.  When your belly is empty.  His Love will fill you.  Peace and love to all who seek him.

As you know Jesus tells us that some things only come by praying and fasting that kind of worship brings an intensity to your being like at no other time, but to live in this moment you must keep the prayer position. That is like Elijah in 1 Kings when he prayed for rain and he became as beside himself, his spirit speaking with his flesh.  His spirit telling his flesh to look again and God will answer the prayer and his flesh responding to his spirit “I don’t see anything yet” and the spirit saying once more look again and stay until you do, and the flesh say’s “there is a cloud the size of a man’s hand far in the horizon” and the spirit says to him again make hast and tell all that the storm is coming take shelter. The intensity brought Elijah into God’s Rest, His bosom to where God was speaking to Elijah’s inner most being.  Because he did not move he stayed in the prayer position, although he wanted to, but fasting causes one to deny the flesh, which is one’s logic and emotion and dwell in the secret place of the Most High. 

This is the revelationand tip; when you are here you, you become like Job, and like Job He shall renew your Strength.

God Bless your strength and your light that His intensity may ignite all around you.
Keven Mc Daniels   

My favorite fast is the Daniel Fast – we did it with the Choir for an entire MONTH and had a BLAST!  It was noticeable in our voices and in our energy as well as with the unity of the choir (doing something as ONE was special to us!) – not to mention we also lost weight…. So each month that we do the Monday Fast, the Daniel Fast is the  first choice I choose….

Many people believe that fasting has to do with abstaining from food.  A spiritual fast involves our hearts and the way in which we relate to and trust God.  It relates to our strength through what God might reveal to us about circumstances in our lives or which direction we should take in our lives.  If you want to know God’s purpose for you on this earth, I strongly encourage you to seek God in prayer AND in fasting!
La Juan Pedro


                                                                   Three Women Fasting & Praying
To keep confidentiality the names used are made up, and the details of what God revealed are kept to a minimal.

Three friends had been discussing how their teens had been acting out in school and at home. Desperate, they decided to come together in prayer and fasting about their children. They agreed to ask God to reveal the struggles that their children were having.

Day one – They woke up bright and early, conference called one another, and started their day with praying words of POWER, STRENGTH, and CASTING DOWN STRONGHOLDS, in the name of Jesus!

Gina’s day one – At about 3PM Gina had a feeling that she could not explain, a sense of urgency to get home, so she left work early and did not call her children to let them know she was coming.  When she arrived she saw kids hanging outside with friends when in fact they knew they were to be indoors and no visitors were allowed unless mom was home.  Later that week (still fasting and praying) more serious issues were revealed that needed immediate attention.

Gloria’s day one – At about 8pm she went to call her son from outside and noticed that he was talking amongst friends and it looked like it might have been something secretive by the way they were huddled up together.  The kids noticed her standing at the door and very suspiciously they straightened up and said “hello.”  Later that week, at a family gathering, Gloria looked over at her son who was about 50 feet from her, and saw that he was again talking secretively.  He did not notice her looking at him, so as he continued, and as clear as can be heard, Gloria heard her son confess his struggle as if he had said it in her ear.  His struggle needed immediate attention!

Ronnie’s day one – At about midnight Ronnie was woken by the sound of a loud horn; not a car horn, an instrument.  She heard it again, so she got up to look out her window but saw nothing, all was quiet and dark.  She noticed that the door to her daughter’s room was shut.  She open it and found find her talking to her boyfriend through the window.  Ronnie knew that it was the Lord that woke her up that night because there was no one outside other than her daughter’s boyfriend who had walked there.  Later that week (still fasting and praying) more serious issues were revealed that need immediate attention.

Many would say “be careful of what you ask for” and that is true, but we must also remember that when seeking God for answers, we need preparation.  They prayed boldly and their prayers were answered, but each one confessed that they were not prepared for what was revealed.  Through their experience they have learned the value of seeking God for preparation, and continue to trust God with the things they do not see.

Prior to fasting, write down a plan and make a verbal or written commitment to the Lord.  This keeps you strong and focused. When praying, fasting and living in obedience to God, He has promised blessings of provision, success, good health, restoration, deliverance, victory over enemies & more.
Deuteronomy 28, Isaiah 58:6
Health & Wellness Ministry

 Well where do I begin, it was such an exciting moment we did not know which way was up!  It began July 15, 2012 at about 9:00 pm.  UCLA Medical Center was trying to contact me.  Earlier that day we had the grandkids and we were having a good time. We call it partying at Grandma & Grandpas.  Well, they were playing with my cell phone, and I finally got it back and it was dead.  I mean dead to the point it cut off.  So we finally that evening put the kids to bed and went to sleep.  I put my phone on the charger. Well we were awakened by Debs cell phone ringing in her closet.  It was the Head Nurse calling about 5:50am. She was so excited yelling at my wife and telling her Alan (That’s Me) needs to call UCLA right away they have a kidney for him.  Well I was still in the bed and my wife said excitedly, they have a kidney for you and you need to call UCLA.  I hopped out of bed to fine the number nervous and excited at the same time.  I called UCLA and they said excitedly you need to get down here right away we have a kidney for you. (1st Miracle) 

Well we just threw on anything.  While getting ready I was trying to figure how we’re going to get down there on the 405 freeway with the construction going on during rush hour. Well immediately the Holy Spirit spoke in my own voice “Call Armondo” (2nd Miracle) (That’s my neighbor next door, who is a Lt. For the LAPD.)  He happened to have his black police issued Charger at home that day.  So I called him and explained they had a kidney for me and I needed to get to UCLA right away.  He said ok, within 5 minutes he was in our driveway with his police lights on.  Before running out the house we explained to the Grandkids what was going on and we would have to leave them there at home.  (Another neighbor checked on them until their mom, our daughter, picked them up).  We finally ran out the house with suitcases in hand hopped into Armondo’s patrol car; I sat in the front Deb, sat in the back.  My Neighbor punched the peddle and man we hopped on the 210 freeway.  I did not hear his siren but cars were moving out the way!  We hit the 405 freeway and the cars were moving to the side like the opening of the Red Sea!  We got on surface streets the rest of the way and pulled up in front of UCLA with lights flashing.   We made it there during rush hour in 45 minutes.

I was ushered right into admitting.  Well for some time I had this terrible cough.  My ubala was swollen and hanging down over my throat and I was coughing a storm to the point I was choking.  This was going on for months, my ENT Doctor had set me up for surgery to remove it that week.  So while I’m sitting in my wheel chair waiting to be taken up to my room for preparation for the transplant, I was coughing up a storm and could not control it.  The clerk at the admissions desk started looking at me and I knew they were not going to perform the surgery with me coughing like that.  ( 3rd Miracle) So immediately I said Father, you know they will not take me to have the transplant coughing like this, could you please Father take this cough away?  And immediately it stopped dead in its tracks.  Well to my surprise I said thank you Father and was taken up to my room. 

Well the transplant staff and the anesthesiologist started talking to what was going to happen and began to take me on my hospital cart to the surgical floor.  We took a lot of pictures that day.  Upon arriving I spoke to my surgeon, Dr. Grinche, for real that was his name.  He explained a few things to me…then I bet the anesthesiologist I could count to at least 95, but he said I bet you can’t.  I lost that bet I, made it to 99.

Now during the surgery they decided to put the kidney from a 37 year old male on my left side  – abdomen (you see my left kidney had never developed, that’s why my right kidney failed) well they decided to take the undeveloped left kidney out but saw that it was cancerous. (4th Miracle) They tried to get it out and believe it or not it popped out on its own!  Finding out the kidney was cancerous was the (5th Miracle).  You see I was on the 11 year waiting list for a kidney.  I got it in 2 years. We and the church started praying for a kidney during Pastor Smiths study on Revelations. Then when I came home, Sheryl  C. picked us up. Thank you and you remember that day. Well A couple of weeks ago I pronounced at our small groups after scans at UCLA ! I got the call from my Doctor that I was cancer free. (6th Miracle) Praise to the Almighty God in heaven that loves us all.

Oh, I forgot part 2 of my testimony.
I was released from UCLA 10 days later, we made a sign saying Going Home.
We were excited, said our goodbyes to the staff and Doctors, and took pictures to document this miracle. When I got home I got down on my knees and thanked God for bringing me back home again.  A week later I started vomiting up everything.  We did not know what was going on…we left for the ER at UCLA again while I was in excruciating pain.  Well they thought my intestines was tangled up, so they hooked me up and put me on liquids and waited.  They tried solids again and it seemed everything was fine.  So they sent me home.  We thought everything was going fine again. Well 2 days later I was in pain and crying out to God for mercy.  We had to go back to the ER again.  This time the surgeon came in and spoke with me and did not know what to do. So once again I was put on IV’s no food for a few days while they slowly eased me on liquids and solids. They sent me back home and 2 days later the pain got worse, I felt like dying, I did not want to live.  But God saw
fit that they go a little further.  So scans , ultra sounds, etc. were ordered, but they could not find anything. So I was placed in Isolation 24 hour watch.  I started vomiting uncontrollably and in excruciating pain.  I cried out to God as loud as I could!  The nursed asked me to quiet down.   I had enough strength to say, if you were in my position you would cry out to God as well.  So the transplant team came in and the surgeons and explained to me they were going to do exploratory surgery to find out what was going on.  They put me on morphine and other drugs to relieve the pain I was in.  They took me down to surgery and George Taylor and Deb were there. They found out during surgery the new kidney was accidentally placed on my intestine which crushed my intestines so nothing was going through.  I woke up and gave praises to God, I could feel where they had cut me and was in a lot of pain.  They had all kinds of IV’s in me so I could hardly move. 

They explained to me that I could not eat anything for at least the first week.  As time went on I had no taste for food what so ever.  I stayed on the IV’s for a month and was only 119 lbs.  I wanted to go home after that month.  So I slowly but surely started to feel better and was sent home.  I gave praises to God once again for healing me and bringing me back home safely.   I lost count of all the Miracles!

Thank you for allowing me to tell this story and thanks to everyone for their prayers and cards.
Alan R. Rhodes

Here is a homemade Alkaline Water mix from Venus Williams, the tennis player. It keeps you hydrated, alkalized, and clean.

I have not used during a fast yet, but will try:

Serves 4-6
1 Gallon of Distilled Water
1/2 cup of Organic Lime Juice
1/4 teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

1. Pour the lime juice into the gallon bottle (preferably glass) of Distilled water; add sea salt.

Has no sugar or artificial sweetener like Gatorade or other sports drinks – so you will not get that high/low feeling from the sugar.


See specific Fasting instructions at and in the Vestibule at church.  Please send your  Fasting questions, testimonies and tips to h[email protected].  You may remain anonymous, or use your name or initials.  Thank you!

***Create your own recipes and let FBC’s Health & Wellness Ministry know ([email protected] or turn in to FBC Secretary, La Juan Pedro) and receive a blessing!

Isaiah 58:6 King James Version
Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?