Greetings from the Marriage Ministry of Friendship Pasadena!

The Marriage Ministry exists to equip engaged and married couples with the tools needed for Godly, committed, healthy and happy relationships. We do this through a three-tiered approach of fellowship, learning and support.

Fellowship – throughout the year we host and promote activities which give couples the opportunity to meet and form relationships with other Christian couples and have a good time. We believe it is essential for couples to build a network of Christian friends who want your marriage to succeed.

Learning – we provide a variety of learning opportunities that will give you the skills needed to have a successful marriage. Good marriages do not happen naturally…they require an investment of time, good communication, relationship skills and lots of effort.

Support – the Marriage Ministry Design Team is here to support your marriage. From laying the foundation for a strong healthy marriage through understanding God’s purpose and design, or guiding couples on ways to apply biblical principles to every day issues that arise in your marriage; we’re here to listen, share, encourage and pray with you.

For more information, please check our calendar page for a schedule of Marriage Ministry events!