Music Ministry

Music Ministry Mission Statement

The music ministry of Friendship Pasadena Church exists to focus on God, Himself. Our goal is to build a ministry that has one desire – to worship God bringing glory to Him and not ourselves while creating an environment inspired by the Holy Spirit, leading the body of Christ into the intimate presence of the Lord. We understand that leading in the corporate setting of praise, and worship is not merely “filling in” a part of the service or just performing music to “warm up” the congregation. We believe sacred music can lead God’s people to the very throne of God, and we hereby hold it as an awesome responsibility and privilege.

Why We Should Worship God

Because He Is God – Psalm 95: 6-7
Because He Commands It – Psalm 148: 1-3
Because He Is Worthy – Psalm 18:3
For His Faithfulness – Psalm 100:5
For His Love – 2 Chronicles 20:21
For His Greatness – Psalm 95:3
For His Salvation – Psalm 27:1
For His Mighty Deeds – Psalm 145: 4-6
For His Holiness – Psalm 99: 3-5
For His Creation – Revelation 4:11
For His Power – Revelation 11:17
For His Miracles – 9:8

Statement of Confession

Here at Friendship Pasadena Church, we are building the Music Ministry to walk in purpose and power.
Therefore, I recognize that my responsibility as a Music Ministry member is to prepare the congregation for the Word of God.
Because of my testimony of salvation, I choose to work very hard at perfecting the Music Ministry and also living what I sing so that the flow of the anointing will not be hindered in any way.

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make a known they faithfulness to all generations. – Psalm 89:1